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Team Accelerate

Jennett Pulley

Jennett is absolutely thrilled to hold the Residential Realtor seat with Team Accelerate. In business for 7 years and licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jennett is passionate about finding the perfect home at the best price for her buyers and top dollar and terms for her sellers. Having lived in and around Richmond since 1989, Jennett considers herself RVA’s “welcome wagon” and is happy to be your favorite resource for all your housing needs, as well as education, employment, entertainment and volunteer opportunities. Jennett would love to be YOUR favorite residential Realtor.


Q. What would you sing at Karaoke night?
A. Either Rapper’s Delight or Paradise by the Dashboard Light FOR SURE…

Q. You’re stranded on a desert island. What three things would you want with you?
A. On an Island? I’d bring my guy, a solar powered radio/flashlight gadget with a handcrank, and a keg of good Bourbon.