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Tyson Miller

Since 1988, Qualified Staffing has employed over 300,000 people by listening to their needs and helping them get noticed by great companies.

With over 40 offices across the United States, we have access to hundreds of jobs. Combine that with the industry’s best staffing experts, and the Qualified team has what it takes to make sure you find the best job possible.

Our Mission:
Empowering people by aligning them with the right career and client. When people succeed, businesses and communities thrive.

As the Branch Manager of Qualified Staffing’s Richmond branch, Tyson helps businesses be more efficient with their hiring and recruiting processes, and helps individuals take those “next steps” towards realizing their career dreams.

In addition, Tyson provides consultative services for individuals interested in joining the Two Twelve Referral Network as the Business Development Representative for the Corporate Office. Tyson also supports Team GCs to help recruit prospective members to bolster team membership across Virginia and beyond!