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Sean McElgunn

Sean McElgunn has the distinction of being the first (non-executive board) member to join Chester Connectors. He is a Licensed Public Adjuster and serves as a certified Corporate Trainer, recruiter and Regional Manager with his parent company, Metro Public Adjustment.

He has traveled to over 30 countries, and lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Colombia and the Republic of Singapore, all before moving back to the US after graduation from high school. He speaks Spanish fluently, and can get by in French, Italian, and Portuguese and with enough German to be a danger to himself (but not enough to cause a major international incident).

In addition to having been bitten by the “travel bug”, he enjoys live music, cultural and theatrical performances, cooking and “eating local” wherever he goes, snorkeling and scuba diving, crossword puzzling, tennis (currently only a spectator due to injury), the occasional hike and walking, usually with the family miniature poodle (whose name is in no way part of any password!)

Sean has served on a variety of community-based nonprofit organizations’ boards, most recently as the former Chief Experience Officer for the E.A.T. Foundation, a pop-up dining experience whose mission was to help eliminate food deserts in our community. He has come to appreciate the value of pairing wine and food, a pursuit he follows to this day. Sean is a firm believer that wine IS food, and a well-chosen wine only enhances any meal experience.